1. naturistelyon:

    Au camping

    At camp site

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  5. dadscarlove:

    Freckle faced, tanned MILF, Wow !!!

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  6. puff-tentacle:

    I love Valentina AKA Mandi Collins super-rack!

  7. corpas1:

    Nude beach pleasures.

  8. corpas1:

    Shopping fully naked in a large supermarket is real fun! In the nudist town of Cap d’Agde there are several supermarkets and shopping malls, where complete nudity is allowed, even promoted or formally required. It feels great to be shopping completely without clothes and barefoot, most people are showing fully shaved sex organs and tan lines are very rare. Living the nudist lifestyle is very exciting!

    Mind all the red baskets: the’re all shopping in the same supermarket.

  9. nakedworldofmars:

    Fernand Michaud
    From “La Chair et La Matière
    Musée Rodin

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  10. dadscarlove:

    Topless n jeans, SO Sexy……

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    Hot bottom !!!

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    Vist and follow http://nudebeachshot.tumblr.com for more…

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  14. nudeforjoy:

    I really enjoyed the narration and it’s educational approach.

    Topfree 1947 secretary. Maybe she is more productive that way?